Find a better balance

Splintered by stress because you’re constantly juggling or due to relational issues at work?

Find a true way out of the wheel and rebalance your life, structurally

“The workload has become almost unmanageable. It feels like a permanent race. I’d need more time with my family and for myself but I can’t seem to find time to breathe.”

“I’m so frustrated with what’s going on at work that I can’t even disconnect when I reach home. It’s going to make me sick if it continues.”

“The pressure and the tensions at work are so high that I’m always thinking about how to solve those problems. And it seems there’s always a new problem popping up from nowhere while I’m not even done with the other ones.”

Does that read like something you could have written? If yes, stress is probably taking quite a toll on your life.

Whether it comes from overwork or from relational issues – both often being interconnected –, it’s taxing. You are wondering how long you’ll be able to cope.

Stress at work is all too common, and it does not spare driven professionals. Because you constantly strive for challenging and meaningful goals, sometimes it just becomes too much. Your very nature or deeply rooted habits might actually make it worse.

When your stress level becomes too high, it’s like the grain of sand in an otherwise well-oiled machine. You’re so used to achieving success, that you feel guilty about your stress.

It’s hard to share that with others, you tend to hide it, or even try to suppress it.

Because you feel you need some relief as you have to keep going, maybe you’ve started meditation, sporting again, lighter distractions or other means. It’s good as long as it allows you to recharge.

But frankly, you’re not getting to the root of the problem. You may well be improving your coping skills but it only gives you temporary relief.

So it’s persisting, and all that stress is affecting your personal life, your health and your ability to deal with challenges at work.

Do you realise that you’re no longer in the driving seat? You then know that you have to take true measures about it.

Not just because you’re running out of gas – you’ve developed a thick skin and you have enough courage to keep going for a while. But above all because you’re letting life pass you by. You’re not living up to your values.

I know that too, because I’ve experienced it myself and it had a severe impact on me and my family. I’ve tried many things, and they helped a bit – temporarily. It was an endless escalation: after a while, the treatment, whatever it was, was no longer enough. Like the antibiotics that become ineffective after a while.

Because the problem is still there. Since you’re not tackling it as you should, it keeps on growing!

As a driven professional, you may think it’s the price to pay when you play at a high level. That you have to learn to live with your stress. Or that it's you, that it's a personal defect.

The good news is that you don’t have to take it for granted, and suffer in silence like a stoic – I fooled myself believing it for a while ;)

If you want to be able to continue to grow, not only professionally, but in your life, it’s better to face the problem and take the necessary actions. Depending on your situation, you may have more or less latitude. Nevertheless, you can always decide how you respond and what to focus on.

It is not easy to do it alone – or you would have already done it, wouldn’t you? It requires to take a honest look at the issue and to identify what keeps you there. Oftentimes, some hard coded thoughts and attitudes prevent you from making the required changes. Working with a coach can help you get clarity on what’s keeping you stuck, and implement alternatives that are right for you based on your personal vision for your work and your life.

Only by acknowledging the problem, getting clear with what you want to move toward, and attacking the issue accordingly, will you structurally get your stress under control and rebalance your life.

Please note that I did not promise any stress killer. No stress at all would mean that you would be dead… And I don’t want that :D

Is stress preventing you from living the life you want? 

Are you tired of half solutions and prepared to do what it takes to regain control and bring your life into line with your values? If yes, you can get started using my Stress Mitigation Starter Kit.


It’s a short list of the critical questions you must ask yourself to start identifying what you need to change to get your stress under control and get your life back. If you’d like to start mitigating your stress, request the free Stress Mitigation Starter Kit below.

“I’ve learnt to manage my perfectionist side and I am able to take a step back when needed, which is a healthier and less stressful approach to responsibility at work.”

“Through coaching with O’ona, I found the clarity I needed to decide between alternatives. I negotiated a sabbatical to give myself the time to embrace life and what’s essential to me.”

“I signed up for a strategy session with O’ona because I wasn’t sure on the best direction for myself, and many things were going on in my head (I was going back and forth in my head all the time) due to the ‘change’ in my life of getting a little girl. I came to realize that I actually quite know what I want in my career but it had more to do with the mum I want to be and having my career more balanced out. It made it very clear to me that I no longer want to run over time every week and that I want to spend quality time and relax on the personal side. It helped me decide to replace my old pattern of racing by jogging. As a result of the coaching, I’m currently looking for ways to take a step back in my working hours in order to discuss with my manager – instead of taking more work upfront.” – Consultant, IT Services, Netherlands.

"There were days I felt it was real work looking at myself and what I wanted but a lot of this was because I had stopped doing this for myself and had been focused on others. I had to acknowledge to myself that I was worth it and follow through."

“In my job I am now able to look at things from a broader perspective. O’ona helped me determine where to put the cursor in terms of responsibility, set boundaries for myself and others and be more in the flow rather than resisting and being stressed. As I see things differently, I experience them differently and make better decisions.”