"Don't believe what your eyes are telling you. All they show is limitation. Look with your understanding. Find out what you already know and you will see the way to fly."                                                                                                                          

- Richard Bach, Jonathan Livingston Seagull


Who are you, stranger? What are you doing here?

Oh, it seems we know each other already!? Hmm, let me guess…

Driven professional longing for more meaning, authenticity, leadership and balance? In short, you want it all :)

Why not, after all! Here is what I see in you:

Thanks to your intelligence and your drive, you have accomplished a lot in your career.

You don’t take things for granted: your outlook on life is open, optimistic and inquisitive. Working abroad or with people from different cultures is part of that.

Furthermore, I bet you don’t satisfy yourself with the average. You want to make an impact, and lead with integrity. You’re often impatient with the status quo, and feel lifted up when you have a chance to shake things up and do things that matter.

You don’t see leadership as a title, nor potential based on a degree or an arbitrary list of happy few set by the gods. The former must be earned, and the latter is there to be fulfilled.

You set the example, and look for genuine connections. You have grit in laaarge amount, which makes you embrace challenges, and gives you this special combination of courage, creativity and perseverance that can make things happen.

But at this point of your career and your life, you’re starting to question things.

What may have seemed exciting for a while is gradually losing its meaning. However great it may look from the outside, you’re not very happy with what’s going on at work. You’re struggling more than you should and it’s as though you had reached a plateau.

You’re still giving as much as you can to your job but, as your enthusiasm is crumbling, it’s feeling more and more like a trap.

While you readily take responsibility to drive change, others may have another agenda or another way to relate – no, they can’t just be brainwashed –, which triggers communication issues and frustration on both ends. The success of your mission and your values are at stake, which is very stressful. You don’t want to lead an empty crusade.

You’ve made a lot of sacrifices to get there and, looking at the balance sheet, it’s getting clear you’re losing.

Whereas you generally have vast resources of energy, you can feel they’re decreasing. Furthermore, the consequences on your personal life are getting too heavy to be ignored. You know you can’t keep functioning the same way.

When you’ve reached that point, however painful it may be, it can also be an opportunity.

  • The opportunity to revisit what you want from work and life,
  • The opportunity to grow and bring meaningful change,
  • The opportunity to create a better balance in your life – without sacrificing your career!

It gives you the chance to give more meaning and impact to your action, to expand your range in relation with others, and to get clarity on what to say yes to, and what to say no to.

It is hard to do it alone, though. It's a bit like trying to be your own brain surgeon.

Sometimes your very qualities are the ones that turn over against yourself. Old patterns that served you well in the past may have become pitfalls. You may not even see it, or you may see it but not know how to change it, as it’s been there for so long.

I'm here to help you get past that stage and build the meaningful career that you deserve.

I know exactly what it takes because I’ve been in the same place, and I’ve done the journey myself. I understand your challenges, and I am committed to giving you the very best, so that you can succeed on your own terms.

Are you willing to fulfill your potential in an authentic and sustainable way?

Yes? I’m happy you’re here, I can see you’re hungry :)

To get started, let me share with you some of the fruits that you'll find here:​


to clarify your options and make the shifts you're longing for

in your career

"Before, I did not really understand what coaching was. But one thing that became apparent as the coaching progressed was how off-piste I was in my career and how these unsettled feelings had tumbled upon my personal space. When we did the session where you asked me to think about when I was happiest and felt stronger, my responses and emotions were very much an 'aha' moment for me. From then on, things started to get clearer. Now, if someone asked me, I would say it’s such a good thing to do wherever you are in your career. Just to assess what you want to do, where you’re going, if you’re on the right path, if you need to make changes, and to give the confidence to do so. Because even if your managers or your friends are good, they can’t really give you that level. So I’m excited to recommend coaching to others. O’ona, you’re doing a wonderful job. Thank you very much.”

“For anyone considering coaching with O’ona, I’d recommend it as a great way to take some distance with what’s going on and get clear on what to do next, but also to improve oneself personally and professionally." – Executive, Healthcare, Netherlands.

“I was looking for external answers but I found out that the main answers were within me. O’ona helped me explore my own geography, discover new ground and delineate the way, like a cartographer, not channelling just one standard method or one solution. It goes deep and, at the same time, there’s truly a practical side that moves you toward your goal. I am mid-way and I know there’s still work to be done but it brings me a sense of responsibility. That’s for me to write my own life.”