Reaching an inflection point in your career and unsure how to make the shifts you want to make? 

The hallmark of driven professionals is that they have the grit to excel and make great things happen. Whether they are in the executive ranks, seen as high potentials or star performers, they give their best to make a positive difference.

However, it’s a slippery and stressful place to be.

Many reach an inflection point in their career. They may struggle to lead others through change, deplete themselves on the job, and find themselves in misalignment with their personal values. They may question their professional future. Some may have to repurpose themselves due to a reorganization, and it’s disheartening.

Does any of this apply to you?

However good it may look from the outside, whatever level of success you’ve reached, if you feel that you’re not really on the right track, it’s toxic to stay there.

You don’t have to keep struggling.

But whether you want to become a more impactful and authentic leader, find more focus and rebalance your life, or shift to more meaningful work, it’s easier said than done.

It feels like you’re damn thirsty and the oasis seems out of reach.

Nevertheless, when you learn how to do it effectively, what once looked like a far away vision suddenly becomes accessible. ​

Provided you’re not of the lizard’s type, basking all day long in the sun… or at least not all season long ;) But I suspect that you rather have a dragon in you, and some part of it has been domesticated for too long.

You want to be high flame, don’t you?

Live a life that’s more colorful, more complete and more meaningful. And design your career accordingly.

If this is the way you feel, Welcome Aboard!

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" Be prepared to explore parts of yourself that you had forgotten existed! Be prepared to think deeply and challenge those thoughts. You'll learn a lot more about who you really are." – HR Executive, international non-profit, UK. 

O’ona listens well and knows how to ask the right questions, often difficult ones but in a gentle manner. I like her availability too, as keeping in touch in between the sessions helps me stay on track. I find her very reliable and professional. While she is able to suggest paths when needed, she lets me make my own decisions. And when I am stuck or hesitating, she always helps me look at the situation from a new perspective and move on.” 

“As O’ona has a very calm and welcoming nature, I could easily talk to her. I found her to be non-judgmental. Even when I was going through my crazy « I don’t know what’s going on… », I found her to be like, « OK, let’s just take this step by step ». More importantly there was no rush. In some sessions I was like « I’m gone in October » and she was like « Well, let’s work through this », it was very good.”

"I did not really know what to expect from the coaching but I decided to go for it to get some structure and because I knew I had to take action to change the situation. That was good to have O'ona's neutral feedback. Even when your family and friends really want to help, you cannot avoid a bias. Working with O'ona, it was less emotional and more professional, with knowledge and method."

“The coaching for me was confronting, it was like holding a mirror. My nature is putting a problem far away so it isn’t there but of course it is. The coaching opened my eyes that I needed to take some actions. But O’ona is a sensitive and intuitive coach. Our coaching was via the phone. Even though I prefer face-to-face, O'ona does a great job in getting the mood and understanding the tone of voice. What I also like is the fact that she first asks instead of imposing her views.”