Shift to meaningful work

At a crossroads in your career and stuck in indecision?

Stop struggling in an unfulfilling job: 6 steps to make the move you want to make

Despite years of dedication and service to your organization, do you feel that you’ve reached a turning point? You may still like some aspects of your work, but overall you can’t see yourself staying in the same line of work for the rest of your career... For some of you, your job may have become almost unbearable. And you say to yourself: “This is it. It’s time for me to do something else with my life.”

“It’s as though I had worn the wrong suit till now, to prove myself and to fit in. However, I can’t see myself being happy doing this for another twenty years.”

“The last reorganization was an eye opener. I realized that I had enough. I want to chart my own course.” 

 “I am giving all I have to my work, it’s too much sacrifice for what I get in return. I’d like to be my own boss and have more flexibility for my family and for myself.”

“I have this nagging feeling that I’m wasting my life in this job. The only trouble is my ideas are imbued with the uncertainty as to whether I would really enjoy them and whether I could make a living. Therefore, I have nothing specific enough to act on.”

 “I am challenged by the length of time to make a career change, by having to make new connections and start all over again, not to mention losing my financial security.”

Can you recognize yourself in some of those statements? If yes, whether you want a job in a new field or to start your own business, you probably feel that you have a lot to offer and you don't want to settle for less.​ 

So let me share with you this free manual:

Stop struggling in an unfulfilling job:

6 steps to make the move you want to make

This manual has been designed to help you succeed with the most challenging situation that is career change. But its guiding principles can equally be used to reexamine your career and to shift to more meaningful work, not only outside but also inside your organization and through job crafting. 

Unlike other methods that are disconnected from reality or limited to tactical advice, this is an end-to-end approach that gives you the strategies to reinvent your career. 

It’s the result from the – tough – lessons learnt throughout my career in HR and through my own career change. Read it to make it easier for yourself!

“When I came to O'ona, I was jobless and more importantly looking to identify my true career goals and aspirations, which I thought were different from what I had been doing. In the beginning, I did not know whether we would get along and develop that connection and trust which I believe are essential to coaching, but in fact I found O'ona to be professional, competent, fun, adaptable and smart. By working together with her, 1/ I developed more awareness, clarity and ownership of my goals in life, 2/ understood what career paths would enable me to achieve those goals, and 3/ received very useful tips on how to approach the job hunt. It has helped me to secure the hiring process witht three different companies, negotiate from a position of strength, and go for the job most aligned with my career objectives and long term aspirations.” - VP, Finance, London

“For a very long time I had been thinking of freelance work and see where that would take me. Coaching helped me articulate the thoughts clearer for myself and get my first consulting gig. Now I have confidence that I can actually do this.”

“O'ona's coaching has helped me reflect on why I approach work and engage with people the way I do, what I find meaningful, and how I can uniquely position myself in the marketplace so that those I target take notice.” - Attorney, UN, The Hague

“Business wise, I had different ideas in mind but no true direction. Thanks to coaching, I went from thinking to taking action, and that allowed me to compare options, launch my business and open new possibilities. Through the various responses of the market and by experiencing what was bringing me energy versus draining me, I am now clearer and more in touch with reality for my business.”

“Being actively listened to, being challenged and being held accountable to achieve objectives worked great. O'ona's gentle yet demanding guiding through my issues was very well suited for me. It has allowed me to form a clearer picture of what is important for me to be satisfied in my job, and to manage interviews in a more relaxed and confident manner.” - Strategy Director, Aeronautics, Paris

“I started coaching with O’ona as I was transitioning from Corporate to becoming a Life and Health Coach. Seeing the value of the results, it’s really worth it. I have more faith in the future. I’ve made good progress with the business, and it’s clearer how to reach my goals. In a few months, I will be ready to leave my day job to focus on my business.”

“I came to coaching at a turning point in my career. After many years giving a lot to my organization and subsequently climbing the ranks, I felt the need to take a step back to assess the path I wanted to take next. I was not only overworked, but I also questioned my career choices. I had a strong desire to define my own path and to reframe my life. Coaching brought me to the richness of the experience and a clearer path.”

“After several months without interview, thanks to O'ona's guidance I re-started the interviewing process, and got two interviews in a row for two different organizations. O'ona helped me strengthen my positioning, follow up elegantly and negotiate. O'ona's amazing talent to turn complex content into a clear message was quite helpful in each phase! Besides, now my impact in interviews is different. Instead of giving scripted answers, I take the time to understand the needs, and it works. In the end, because going through those interviews opened up new unexpected possibilities, and I got different offers, it was quite useful to have O'ona as a sounding board to help me think things through and take the best decision for myself. - Administrator, Sustainable Energy, Rotterdam