Seeing some of your leaders struggling but uncertain how have them get over it?

Help your people lead through change, get more focus and more ease, and manage career transitions successfully

Do you believe in people? If your answer is a genuine yes, you know this is what makes the difference between stellar performance and mediocre results. You see the tremendous difference that people on fire can make for your organization.

However, you also see how much it costs to the organization – let alone to the persons concerned – when they struggle to mobilize others or lack focus and slowly burn out on the job.

When it makes them question the interest of staying there and they end up leaving, not only are you losing your investment in them and their knowledge and experience of your organization, but you also have to start all over again finding and training new people to do the job.

When due to a reorganization or the end of their assignment, they must repurpose themselves, and in the meantime the organization still pays whereas they’re on the bench or given temporary projects without a clear future.

What a Waste!

You have outstanding leaders and high potentials, and they have burning challenges.

When they’re new on the job or when they reach a plateau, and the stakes are high, your leaders must overcome their external and internal obstacles to succeed in their mission or transition.

Part of your role is to ensure that but it’s not that simple.

Beyond leadership programs and budgets spent in training, in a fast changing environment some of them currently need support that's more to the point. Can you see that it's essentially what makes or breaks your most ambitious initiatives?

Nevertheless, you don’t have readily available solutions, whereas ideally you'd have solutions with substance and a clear target. Delivering quick results because the business does not wait, but also sustainable because it’s tailored to your people's specific situation, and because they’re supported to get through the change that needs to happen.

Where could your organization be if your leaders were effectively supported to get over their pressing challenges?

If this speaks to you, I’m here to help.

Throughout my career in HR and as an Executive Coach, I have been working with leaders from blue chip companies around the world. I bring a thorough knowledge of Global Mobility, Leadership Development, Talent Management and global change programs, my personal experience of the challenges leaders face in large, complex organizations, and the most up to date methodologies to help them succeed.

For larger change projects, I work with a select network of seasoned coaches and consultants with complementary skills to effectively meet the most demanding needs.

If you’d like to get a better idea of my approach, let me share with you three free frameworks that can help your people take a proactive look at their leadership and professional development, mitigate stress, and manage career transitions successfully. Simply sign up below. 

Help your leaders clarify their options & make the changes that need to happen

For more on my background, here is my coach biography.

“As I was transitioning to my new role, I could foresee a number of challenges for which my past achievements had not entirely prepared me. Therefore, I sought coaching to help me hit the ground running, and quickly establish credibility and trust. I also knew that my tendency in such situations was to get caught in the cycle of work and to power through. But this time I wanted to take the time to listen and absorb to make good decisions and set a sustainable pace for myself. WIthin my first few sessions with O'ona, I have already achieved personal change I'm quite happy about. I have established my own process to confidently be in the moment even in tough meetings, to deal with new topics with the right level of involvement, and to better leverage my strengths instead of worrying about my shortcomings. Now the next step toward my vision to positively impact the economy of my country is to effectively engage the senior stakeholders so as to ensure fair deals. This coaching for me is purposeful empowerment.” – Board Member, Oil and Gas, Brunei.

“O’ona can be confrontational at times, because there are things that I’m not always willing to hear or do at that moment. However, her intuition is usually right and I know she’s doing it because she sincerely wants me to have results. She’s very committed to my success and she shares great information. That’s quite a good mix! What is good with coaching is that it’s not just what you get during the sessions. It’s all that you do in-between that makes you move forward, especially when we set deadlines together. Through coaching, I get new ways to approach things. That said, you must be open to personal change and transformation if you want it to work.” – Merchandiser, Retail, Netherlands

“O’ona has a lot of intuition, which helped all the more as we were doing phone coaching. She hears many things, also what is not said. She did not hesitate to challenge me but did it with kindness and humor. There was a true connection, I could feel she was very present with me during our calls, and beyond the sessions I felt less lonely when the time came for action. Coaching allowed me to find my own answers but you have to be ready to look for them.” – Senior Attorney, IT multinational corporation, Germany.